Wire Deflection due to Impact Calculator

Calculate the effects of wire deflection due to impact.

Wire diameter (micrometers):

Straw tube diameter (millimeters):

Applied wire tension (grams):

Wire length (centimeters):

Wire density (g/cm3):

Gas dielectric constant:

Applied load (G's) :

Applied potential (volts):

Preamp feedback capacitance (pF):

Critical voltage (volts) (Applied potential must be below this value) =

Max deflection (sagitta), due to loading alone (micrometers) =

Max deflection (sagitta), due to load + electrostatic force (micrometers) =

Nominal capacitance (pF) (this is the capacitance assuming zero deflection) =

New capacitance (pF) =

Capacitance change (10-15 F) (this is the new capacitance due to wire deflection) =

Induced charge (10-15 C) =

Preamp output voltage (millivolts)=