Wire Deflection Due to Initial Offset Calculator

Calculate the lateral deflection of a wire tensioned in the center of a tube. When the wire is not perfectly centered on the tube (initial wire offset), and a potential is applied between the tube and the wire, an electrostatic force is developed that deflects the wire further.

Wire diameter (micrometers):

Straw tube diameter (millimeters):

Applied wire tension (grams of force):

Wire length (centimeters):

Applied potential (volts):

Initial wire offset (micrometers):

Max deflection (micrometers) (This is on top of the initial offset) =

Total max deflection (micrometers) (This is the combined initial offset and resulting deflection) =

Critical voltage (volts) (Applied potential must be below this value) =

Nominal gas gain (This is the gas gain assuming zero offset, zero deflection) =

Gas gain (This is the gas gain in the area of the wire deflection) =

Percent gain increase (%) =

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