Minimum Detectable Flux Calculator

The following calculator returns the minimum flux of neutrons (or any other radiation of interest), incident on a detector with the specified characteristics, that can be detected in a given measurement time. The false negative probability is fixed and set to 0.01, i.e., if a source is present it will be detected 99% of the time. The false alarm probability (FAP) can be selected among three different values. For instance, a FAP of 0.0001 means that if 10,000 measurements are taken, only 1 will result in a false alarm.

Measurement time (seconds):

Background count rate (counts/second):

Detection efficiency (%):

Detector sensitive area cm2:

False alarm probability: 0.01 0.001 0.0001

Minimum flux (micro-nv) =
Minimum flux ((neutrons/s)/cm2) =
Minimum flux ((neutrons/s)/m2) =


Note: 1 micro-nv = 10-6 (neutrons/s)/cm2.

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