Homeland Security -  Proportional Technologies, Inc. is proud to offer a line of high performing radiation detection technologies to meet todays challenging homeland security requirements. These products offer proven performance and reliability without the use of 3He gas, while meeting or exceeding 3He performance characteristics. This product line includes transparent drop-in replacement portal neutron modules, vehicle mounted detectors, backpack detectors, handhelds and neutron detectors used in survey applications. Custom solutions are also available.

pti-110 portal 500 x 405

Neutron Science -  Proportional Technologies, Inc.'s Boron Coated Straw (BCS) technology is now offered in conveniently sealed packages that are readliy scalable to replace position sensitive 3He tubes in neutron science instruments. Additionally, electronics for high rate & high resolution imaging are also available.

Radiopharmaceutical - Our line of radiopharmaceutical products featuring a light-weight, readily distributable Microgenerator for the production of the positron emitting radioisotope 62Zn/62Cu. Additionally, 62Cu and 64Cu Ligand Kits for non-human and clinical investigation are available.

Microgenerator photo3_2_1
Fission Meter

Safeguards  - Our portable Fission Meter and Multiplicity Counter offer solutions for the detection of fission neutron sources contained in illicit radioactive material.